Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life is Beautiful

Happy Mother's Day to all you American and Canadian mommies out there! This week's song is a new one by The Afters, a song that will help you reflect on all your blessings. This life that God has given us really is beautiful.
"Life is Beautiful" is from a movie called October Baby, which I have not yet seen, is about a girl that finds out she the adopted survivor of an attempted abortion.

The words of this song are really comforting to me.  When I listen to it I just think about the little things that are so beautiful in my life.  As a mother, of course I see beauty in each of my children every day.  But if I make a conscious effort I can look for beauty everywhere I go and in every person I meet. 

So I hope when you listen to this song, it helps you to make a conscious choice to see and feel the beauty in life.

God Bless you all!  Have a beautiful week!

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