Sunday, April 29, 2012


So we've had a lot of rain here I'm seeing the weather that England is typically known for! Today was particularly wet, and windy....and though I'm a bit tired of the rain, I found myself thanking God for the rain this morning in our worship team prayers at church.  Not only did I thank God for the rain because of all the good that it does for nature, but the symbolism that the rain provides us...cleansing, purifying, leading to new growth, new life, new perspective.
This week's song is called "Closer" by Shawn McDonald. It's a bit of an extension of the last song I shared...moving beyond "the motions," beyond the "mundane".

Looking for a color in a shade of gray,
Looking for a love in a drop of rain.
Trying to find change from the old mundane.
Everything I do just feels the same.

So today, on this dreary, rainy day I was able to find "love in a drop of rain."  To feel a a bit closer to the God who created this miraculous place called earth and everything on it.  This song reminds me of my desire to just be closer to God, my desire to understand Him, trust in Him and listen carefully for his guidance. 

Spending my life out in the weather.
Been gone so long and I need some shelter.

When we finally find the shelter that God gives us from the weather of life, we can feel so peaceful. Like this afternoon when the wind was blowing, the rain was whipping, and we just snuggled up in the warmth of home for the rest of the day.  This sheltered afternoon at home gave me comfort in being with my family and appreciating all of the blessings in my life.  The shelter provided by my Lord also gives me comfort in knowing that I am loved by Him, and that He will take care of me.

I just want to be closer to you.
I just want to be closer.
I am yours.
You can have all of me,
Anything, everything.
I just want to closer.
May you feel the shelter of God today, regardless of the weather, and find ways to get closer to Him so that you can feel the warmth of His embrace.

God bless you all, and have a great week!

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