Sunday, November 6, 2011

Switchfoot Band in the UK

I know there are a few readers on this blog from the UK so I thought I'd spread the word that there is a band called Switchfoot that is coming to the UK this week.  Switchfoot is a band that has been marketed in both the Christian and Mainstream markets, so you won't find much mention of Jesus in their songs, but they are definitely a Christian band if you listen to the words of their songs.  This band can sometimes be a little bit "heavier" than what I usually listen to, but still they have lots of songs that I know and love.  On Wednesday, the 9th of November, they will be in Birmingham, and I'm going! 

I believe you can still get tickets form Birmingham at the following website:

Some of their other shows in the UK have sold out, so you may want to hurry your decision.

If you are one of my friends here in Derby, and you need a ride, contact me and we'll fit you into our car.

For everyone's a good bet that next week's song will be by Switchfoot.  If you'd like to learn more about them, below is a link to a mix of their videos on YouTube.

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