Friday, August 26, 2011

Giving Wings to Prayers

One of my choir directors used to tell us that music gives wings to our prayers.  Those words always stuck with me.  Through my journey as a listener and singer of christian music, I am often reminded of how powerful music can be.  In capturing the emotion of our prayers, the joy in our praise, the pain in our struggles.  The more I come to know a song, the more I feel it and find understanding in the words and melody that connects me to God. When singing in a Praise Band in my home church, each week I would learn a new song and that song would speak to me.  I would discover parts of the Bible I hadn't read before in the song.  I would find comfort in the words as they relate to my personal journey and the journeys of others.  I always feel compelled to share both the music and the meaning I've learned. 

This has been a dream of mine for a very long time now.  To write and share what I learn from Contemporary Christian songs.  I'm not much of a writer or much of a musician for that matter, but I do love this music and how it connects me with my Lord.  I pray that others will find this same joy in listening and learning from these truly inspired musicians.  I don't have a perfect vision of what I want this blog to be, but I do know that it is now time for me to see if I can make this dream happen, with the guidance of the Lord of course. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I don't sing but I do love to listen to Christian music there is something about some of the songs that just lifts the listener nearer to the throne of God. I'm sure the Lord will show you how he wants your blog to be. Blessings, Jean